The BIO 235 is the new chipper/shredder from Caravaggi production, offering new performances. It is provided with new
following features: Cutting capacity : 13 cm; Bigger and overturning hopper; Hydraulic feeding roller with two blades;
Stronger rotor. It is the ideal synthesis of the different organic and vegetable waste shredding system. It is provided
with a single feeder chute and one feeding roller for feed-in operations, a double chipping and shredding system with
screen adjusted shredding size and subsequent discharge through a 2 metres high blower. Chipping is a cutting process
for wood up to 13 cm diameter for the transformation of various size and shaped wood into small, slash chips. It is
specifically engineered for companies operating in the timber market sectors, for forests and park maintenance and for
the production of wood chips used to feed central heating system. Bio 235 is available in petrol engine, diesel and
tractor power takeoff. Natural transformation process on the relative organic mulch result in a high-protein substance
ideally implemented for fertilisers.

There are many other sizes of chippers available on order.