Compact Mobile Bin Washer


The Mini35 washing machine has been designed with few and simple targets in mind: B driving licence equipment, cost and weight savings, only available in a configuration with a 2500mm wheel-base, machine width 1800mm. To meet these targets the machine has been designed with 2 plastic tanks having a maximum volume of 800 litres; we have also paid great attention to the materials, to save weight.
The machine is equipped with a single head, travelling to wash two loaded bins at a time. The external washing system is available but limited, as its very small size doesn’t allow to provide high performances.

Water filtering is available as optional to increase the machine operating time. This allows to achieve the same performances as a 1500 litre machine. The washing machine is made of stainless steel, just like the secondary frame, while the system compartment is made of aluminium. The bin lifter is of comb type only, with double coupling. Optional handgun.