DryMax 2.4


DryMax 2.4 is a handy sized superabsorbent floor mat for busy operating rooms. It can be placed under the operating table, in front of or beside the feet of the surgical team.

DryMax 2.4 absorbs and retains a large amount of liquid: up to 3.5 litres of saline solution or 9 litres of tap water. During absorption, the mat swells and its contents turn to gel.

The mat is dual-sided and can be placed on floors that are already wet. If required, additional mats can be added to provide extra absorption.

Proper fluid management promotes Health and Safety as it reduces the risk of slips and trips and provides a cleaner and safer working environment.

As DryMax 2.4 locks in the contaminated fluids without dripping, it helps reduce the risk of spreading contaminants. In this way, the mat contributes to infection control and patient safety.

Cleaning times and costs are also significantly reduced as fluids are absorbed and retained by the mat.