DryMax Sterlie


DryMax STERILE superabsorbent pads lock in large amounts of fluids without dripping. The pads can be used on examination and operating tables to absorb fluids such as saline, urine, amniotic fluids and blood. DryMax STERILE can be easily disposed of and replaced once saturated.

These versatile pads are dual-sided, absorb from both sides and can be used flat, folded or rolled depending on the need of the surgical team.

DryMax STERILE come in two sizes and with a choice of tape along one long side, which enables the pad to be fastened to another surface including the operating drape.

Proper fluid management promotes Health and Safety as it reduces the risk of slips and trips and provides a cleaner and safer working environment.

As DryMax STERILE locks in the contaminated fluids without dripping, it helps reduce the risk of spreading contaminants. In this way, the pad contributes to infection control and patient safety.

Cleaning times and costs are also significantly reduced as fluids are absorbed and retained by the pad.